Roundtable “HAI presente l’AI?”

Marco S. Nobile, Associate Professor with the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy

Roundtable “HAI presente l’AI?”

A few days ago I partecipated to a roundtable focused on the AI Act organized by the PInK office of technology transfer of Ca’ Foscari. The AI Act was approved on May and will become official on August 2024. The regulation covers many aspects and it is particularly relevant in the case of high risk applications, e.g., biomedical software.

In this context I had the opportunity to meet very interesting people. In particular, I met Prof. Virginio Cantoni, Emeritus at the University of Pavia, Life Fellow IEEE, one of the founders of italian AI community, member of AGID (the Agency for “Digital Italy”) and one of the members of the Committee for Italian Digital Strategy. Prof. Cantoni’s fascinating ouverture provided a recap of the history of AI across the decades up to the most recent decrees introduced in Italy, an extremely interesting topic.

During the event I also met Dr. Beniamino Parenzo, a smart post-doc researcher in private law with the Department of Economics of Ca’ Foscari. Beniamino’s talk during the roundtable focused on the topic of explainable AI, which perfectly paved the way to my talk about the relationship between interpretability and AI Act.

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