IEEE WCCI: triplete!

Marco S. Nobile, Associate Professor with the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy

IEEE WCCI: triplete!

This year, the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI) will be held in Glasgow, UK. The WCCI embeds three major IEEE conferences related to Computational Intelligence, that is:

  • The International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN)
  • The International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE)
  • The World Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC)

This year, I had some new research material that could potentially work for each one of these conferences, so I submitted three papers. I am happy to say that all three were accepted for publication! 🙂

The first paper, accepted to IJCNN, focuses on our recent research on the calibration of fully analogic neuromorphic spiking chips by means of swarm intelligence. The topic is interesting and the methodology is very nice, although we experienced some issues due to the stochasticity of such systems. Partially negative results, unfortunately, yet worth of publication.

The second paper, accepted to FUZZ-IEEE, is related to the work of the PhD student that I am co-advising at TU/e, Caro Fuchs. On top of the Simpful library, Caro developed a novel methodology for the automatic and data-driven derivation of fuzzy inference systems. The library, which is also available as python package, is named pyFUME and was designed with the specific purpose of generating highly interpretable decision support systems.

Finally, the third paper, accepted to CEC, concerns the investigation of the best sampling methodology for surF, our surrogate modeling approach based on Fourier transforms. The paper is interesting because we tested some radically alternative approaches to classic pseudo- and quasi-random sequences, notably: chaotic maps, point packing, and random bits obtained by quantum machines. I really love this paper because it represents a radically new perspective to the field of global optimization and gave me the opportunity to play with several cutting edge technologies.

Sadly, this year edition of WCCI might be online only, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ll see how things develop.


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