Simpful v 2.1.5

Marco S. Nobile, Associate Professor with the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy

Simpful v 2.1.5

We recently published the Release 2.1.5 of Simpful, our python tool for fuzzy modeling and reasoning. The new release supports the following improvements:

  • Mamdani reasoning (which implies the support for output fuzzy sets);
  • new pre-baked fuzzy sets (Triangular, Trapezoid) which integrate the already existing objects (e.g., Sigmoid, Gaussian). Of course, Simpful still supports the design of fuzzy sets of arbitrary shape;
  • the API is now simpler, in particular the creation of linguistic variables.

If you are lazy to build the model yourself, please take some time to try our novel tool for data-driven generation of Simpful models named pyFUME.

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